Should I swipe Right on Jesse?

That is a good question, probably explains why you had to Google the answer.

Everyone knows Google is always right.. and it led you here so the answer must also be RIGHT?

Still unsure?

If you're still trying to decide lets review how you got here.

1. First you signed up for online dating, maybe your friends made you sign up, or maybe all those times at the bar you started to realise you love the drink more than the men?(we've all been there)

2. And then, you swiped. And swiped. And swiped some more.

swipe right cat

3. Sometimes, you had matches. And sometimes, they had pretty good one liners.

swipe right cat

Ok, maybe not the best lines.

4. But finally, you found a magical opportunity. You got a profile that left it all up to fate. Well actually left it up to Google, but that's close enough. So if you're asking yourself "Should I swipe right on Jesse?" Listen to our gut feeling. By which I mean Amy Poehler.

absolutelty swipe right

After all, look how happy the last girl that swiped right on a Jesse was.